FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive.

1. How do I prove that I am of Iranian descent?

The easiest form to provide is a copy of your US birth certificate which lists the place of birth of your parents. Other forms may be your Iranian birth certificate, Iranian passport, your parent’s Iranian passport or birth certificate in which you are listed as their child.

2. My school will mail the official transcript directly. What should I include in my application?

If your school or college will send the transcript directly to us, please include an unofficial copy of your transcript with a note on the transcript stating: “Official copy will be mailed directly from my college”.

3. Is it ok if my application is delivered after the deadline?

We do not accept any applications after the deadline of June 30th. It is unfair to those who have sent in
their applications on time.

4. Can I email my application and supporting documents?

We do not accept emailed files. All applications must be mailed.

5.  Can you please verify that you have received my application?

We receive over 200 applications each year. We do not have the resources to respond to each applicant. However, US Postal Service is very reliable and all applications reach us when mailed.

6. Is it better to send my application via registered, certified, or other means that require a signature from the Foundation?

Our mailing address is a Post Office Box. Mail gets delivered to our box as it is received. We normally pick up our mail after regular business hours. Requiring a signature actually delays the receipt of your mail since the post office will hold it and will return your application to you if a signature is not obtained within a limited time frame. We have very limited resources and cannot pickup our mail during business hours.

If you want to make sure that your package has reached us, please request tracking of your mail without asking for a signature.

7. I am applying for both scholarships. Should I include an official transcript with each application?

You must include (or have your school send) at least one official transcript. You may include a copy of your transcript with the second application clearly marked: “The official transcript is included with my ……… Scholarship Application”.

 8. I have received a scholarship in the past. Am I eligible to apply again?

You may apply each year that you meet eligibility requirements for Financial Assistance Scholarship. Please make sure that your application is complete. We cannot retrieve information from past applications.

Please make a note on your application that you have received a scholarship before and are applying again.

9. I have been accepted to a university that is not in my home country, can I apply for Financial Assistance?

There is a three part answer to this question.

A. Most countries require a visa for travel. If you do not have a visa to travel, please do not apply.

B. Most countries require a financial guarantee for the first year of expenses BEFORE issuing a visa. If you have obtained a visa and posted a guarantee, you are not eligible to receive additional financial assistance. You may apply in the following year provided you can prove financial need.

C. Our scholarships are for a maximum of $1000.00 USD per year. Therefore, we cannot issue financial guarantees in order for you to obtain your visa.