“Digaraan kaashtand o maa khordeem; Maa bekaareem o digaraan bokhorand” ~ Persian Poem
As others planted for us to harvest; so shall we plant for others to harvest


The idea of providing scholarships to students of Iranian descent originated in 1984 by my father, Moji (Mojtaba) Momeni. He says:

In an afternoon of pondering about my life and setting goals, I realized that without the benefit of scholarships I could not have achieved what I was achieving in my life. At that time, I added the establishment of an organization dedicated to advancing education and providing scholarships to students, to my 20-year plan list.”

In 1993, he started a small local scholarship program through Iranian Professional Society of Oregon. In 1998, wanting to expand the program beyond the borders of the City of Portland, he established Momeni Family Fund, as part of Oregon Community Foundation. Momeni Family Fund was involved in supporting educational and charitable organizations throughout Oregon until 2001.

In February 2001, realizing his long term goal, he established Momeni Foundation as the final stage of the evolution of his original plan to provide scholarships to full time college students of Iranian descent anywhere in the world.

Momeni Foundation is a Private Non-Profit Organization under IRS rule (501) 3c funded solely by my father.
We hope that visitors of this site and the scholarship recipients will also, some day, establish their own scholarship programs.

Jasmine Ahrndt