Financial Assistance Scholarship Application

Financial Assistance Scholarship Application (Please copy/paste and print this page)

The Financial Assistance Scholarship is available to all graduating high school students and current college students (at any level) of Iranian descent regardless of citizenship or country of residency.

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ____________________________ Email: _______________________

 College you are attending or planning to attend: __________________________________

 Program of study: ___________________________________________________________


  1. Applicant must be of Iranian descent. Please provide supportive document. See FAQ for examples.
  2. Applicant must be graduating from high school and planning to enroll, or be enrolled as a full time student in an accredited college anywhere.
  3. Copy of document indicating enrollment (transcript) or acceptance letter to college.
  4. If applying within United States, submit a copy of your FAFSA, SAR letter, and any additional documents that will support your eligibility for receiving financial assistance (i.e. tax returns, sources of income and support or other documents). If you do not qualify for FAFSA, see item 6.
  5. If applying from outside of United States, or you do not qualify for FAFSA, submit any and all documents that will indicate your need for receiving financial assistance (i.e. tax returns, sources of current income, etc.).
  6. Minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.00 (out of 4.00) or equivalent is required. Please submit an official copy of your latest transcript. See FAQ if your school sends the transcript directly.
  7. Submit a resume or list of extracurricular activities, community leadership or volunteerism, membership in clubs or organizations and any other evidence of outstanding achievement. This requirement is waived for students applying from countries where such opportunities are rare.
  8. Submit a short narrative (less than 500 words), in Persian or English, describing your goals and what has motivated you to follow those goals and plans.
  9. Please arrange and submit your documents in the order listed above.
  10. All documents must be translated in English or Persian.
  11. Deadline for receiving the application material is June 30th of each year. (Please allow enough time for the post office to deliver your application by the deadline of June 30th.)

Recipients will be notified and awards will be posted on this site by the end of August of each year.

Please mail (we do not accept email files) your complete application package to:

Momeni Foundation
1819 SW 5th Ave #168
Portland, OR 97201

Phone Number: 1-727-433-2133